Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching

Land Clearing ServiceForestry mulching is a land clearing technique using a single machine to cut, grind, and clear all types of vegetation (trees, brush, and stumps for instance). This is one of our most revered and popular services, as land clearing for pasture, land restoration, creation of playing grounds, sports fields, leisure and entertainment areas, and the development of new outdoor structures have become established trends in landscaping and urban development.

Our forestry mulching services are performed with the help of forestry mulchers, hi-tech machines that use a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper teeth shred the desired vegetation without harming the trees or plants you want to keep on the property.

What Are the Advantages of Our Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching Services?

Land ClearingWhether you want to remove unwanted vegetation and a heavy weed infestation from your property or you want to have the land cleared for repurposing it, our hi-tech forestry mulching methods are in line with the industry’s standards. Our forestry mulching services are highly beneficial for many reasons:

  • Depending on your terrain and the density and type of material, we can remove up to fifteen acres of vegetation a day with our hi-tech forestry mulchers, so you will get what you wish for in no time.
  • Our forestry mulching equipment renders useless the need of using other machines such as excavators, bulldozers, wood grinders or hauling machines, offering you a clean, fast and efficient method to have your land cleaned in the blink of an eye with plenty of time, costs and pollution reductions.
  • We are able to process trees and other unwanted vegetation where they stand with the help of our forestry mulchers and leave behind an organic, nutritious and useful layer of mulch which acts as fertilizer, ground cover and weed / pest control barrier. The evenly distributed layer of mulch will decompose, allowing grasses to thrive.
  • Our forestry mulching techniques allow us to clear your land of the undesirable trees, weeds, and brush without harming the soil or disturbing the trees and vegetation you want to keep.
  • Our services are tailored so they don’t lead to soil damages or risks of erosion.
  • Our services can be contracted independently of the season, as forestry mulching can be performed in any type of weather in comparison to other land clearing techniques.
Land Clearing - After
Land Clearing - Before

If you want to clear your land in a fast, ecological and efficient manner, call us today and have our licensed professionals offer you a free assessment and estimate. Forestry mulching cleans your land fast, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasant, leaving you with your desirable vegetation intact and a fresh mulch topsoil layer to feed and protect your property.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Put us to the test and enjoy our risk-free warranties and “You Pay Nothing” policy stipulating that if you don’t like our results, you are free to call us back and have us redo the job for free!