C&S Tree Services is faithful to its mission of providing clients with the best and most affordable tree services on the market. Caring for your trees is not easy feat. Depending on their type, growing stage, species-centered strengths and vulnerabilities, the soil, the climacteric conditions in your area and even the pollution levels, each tree needs to be treated individually. Tree care is, therefore, a lot more complex than, let’s say, lawn mowing, and far more dangerous. Tree pruning, trimming and especially removal cannot be successfully performed in the lack of knowledge, skills and specialized machinery.

We offer a complete range of tree services covering all needs in terms of beauty, health, and safety.

Tree Trimming

Our time-honored and highly specialized tree trimming services will ensure that you enjoy majestic, healthy and gorgeous trees all year long. Trimming is an important part of your seasonal landscaping activities and we make sure all your trees are clean, neat and perfectly manicured. If you want to rejuvenate your trees and keep them thriving all seasons long, you can safely contract us!

Tree Removal

Sometimes you may twist and turn in your bed at night, fearing that the old tree in front of your house will fall over during the next storm. You may realize that some trees don’t thrive well in a particular area of your property and they need to be moved from one side to the other. Sometimes, some trees get old, damaged or diseased and you have to part ways with them. No matter your needs, our company is more than qualified to remove trees from your property no matter how large or deep-rooted they are. We come out with specialized equipment and machines, licensed workers and three types of risk-free guarantees that nothing on your home or property will be disturbed.

Land Clearing / Forestry Mulching

If you want to clear your land for pasture, the introduction of playgrounds, sports fields, new lawns, site preparation and development or nature and recreational space creation, our land clearing services are the best money can buy. Forestry mulching is one of the most revered land clearing techniques, as it turns undesirable vegetation – trees, brush and stumps – into mulch. Loyal to our sustainability cause, we promote the use of naturally obtained mulch as fertilizer. The mulch obtained through land clearing can also be used as an organic, aesthetic ground cover, and a strong weed/pest barrier. Our land clearing / forestry mulching services are performed by using the latest equipment and machines.

Emergency Tree Work

Our certified and licensed professionals are ready to assist you in every emergency tree work situation. Fallen and hazardous trees need immediate intervention; this is why our workers are 24/7 ready to give you a hand no matter how difficult the job is. If one of your trees unexpectedly fails or falls we will be at your doorstep fully equipped and ready to execute an emergency tree work operation before the tree further endangers your home, your safety or the surrounding environmental elements.

C&S Tree Services has been provided customers in Oklahoma and Texas with specialized tree services for many years with the best of results. So give us a call, ask for a free estimate or assessment and put us to the test! We offer three different risk-free / satisfaction guarantees, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the outcome of our work!