Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming ServiceTrees are a very important part of your landscape, no matter if you grow ornamental ones or a small orchard of fruit trees. They sustain and protect the micro-ecosystem living and thriving on your property; they offer shade, privacy and a home for beneficial insects and birds. They grow strong and breathtakingly beautiful with the proper care and they can put on an amazing show of color, contrast, depth and movement from all year long.

But trees also need a lot of care. Besides proper watering and mulching, besides regular inspections for bark damage or pest problems, besides nourishment, tree trimming and pruning are perhaps the most important tasks a homeowner has to perform to keep his trees healthy, lush and thriving.

Tree trimming is not an easy or safe job in the lack of proper equipment, but it is a mandatory one. If you want to rejuvenate your trees in spring, if you want to offer them a clean, healthy cut to boost their beauty or if you want to help them grow tall, shady and welcoming, call our tree trimming services right now!

State-of-the-Art Tree Trimming Services All Year Long

Don’t risk your well being on ladders to trim your trees! Don’t risk using unprofessional tools that might damage the branches or negatively impact the health of the tree! Ask our licensed workers to come down and help you with your seasonal tree trimming tasks. This is what we offer:

  • Specialized initial assessments to better understand the trees you grow, their needs in terms of trimming and pruning and your wishes related to how you want them to look and function.
  • Personalized tree trimmings depending on the trees’ varieties, needs and living conditions. We know there are no two trees alike and that one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we trim and prune each tree according to its variety and its purpose on your property. Fruit trees, deciduous trees, evergreens and so on they all need individual and specialized trimming.
  • Depending on your wishes, we can trim and prune your trees to achieve a contemporary look of your landscape using modern ornamental trimming techniques, leading to a crisp edging of all shapes or, on the contrary, we can offer natural hand trimming / pruning ornamental techniques, for a more raw, rustic and natural-looking landscape.
  • We use hi-tech equipment and safe mechanical methods to trim your trees no matter the season, thus keeping the trees, your property and our workers completely secure.

Call us today and ask for a free estimate! Our licensed arborists will offer you a free assessment and will get down working respecting your wishes and time schedule.

All our services come backed up by a risk-free “You Pay Nothing” warranty stipulating that if we trim your trees and you’re unhappy with us for any reason, we’ll fix it. If we can’t fix it, we will give you the first 2 hours free, or if we’ve only worked for 2 hours and you’re unhappy, and we can’t fix it, you don’t owe us a dime. Put us to the test and turn your trees into true wonders of beauty!